Police in central Paris might just have interrupted a world record crime wave one night early last week. In 85 minutes flat - that is, before the gendarmes tracked down and arrested him - a single beret-wearing suspect had held up 10 businesses - the front desks of five hotels, four drug stores, and a sushi restaurant. And all the while brandishing an apparently unloaded handgun. So, why say interrupted? Because after all that effort, the robberies netted him barely $1,000.


Then there's the case of Gunars Sulcs. He was stripped of his license and now awaits a court's decision on how he must perform the 250 hours of community service he was sentenced to for his second drunk-driving conviction in less than a year. Sulcs is noteworthy because he happens to be the mayor of Pelci, a town in western Latvia. A leading option: obliging him to sweep the town's streets himself.

Who'd make best CEO? Not Clinton or Gore, poll finds

Of the prominent people on the world political scene, who would make the best corporate chief executive? The answer, according to a survey of top executives themselves, 150 of whom responded to a survey conducted by McLean, Va.-based researchers Wirthlin Worldwide: a tie between Dick Cheney (who has been one - at the oil-industry service company Halliburton) and Colin Powell. The poll, commissioned by the Council of Public Relations Firms, also rated communication and motivational skills as the most important qualities for a leader, above openness, hard work, and compassion. The list of candidates, and how each fared:

Vice President Cheney 23%

Secretary of State Powell 23%

President Bush 15%

Rudolph Giuliani, former New York mayor 15%

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld 9%

British Prime Minister Blair 9%

Former President Clinton 3%

Former Vice President Gore 0%

- Businesswire

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