Super Ego-Less Patriots

How did the underdog New England Patriots win this year's Super Bowl?

By sticking to their guiding rule: Check egos at the locker-room door. They didn't even want their names announced before the kick-off.

A team without superstars and with many humbling seasons behind it found its strength in the spirit of mutual support. Their triumph was an example of "what happens when guys believe in each other," said winning quarterback Tom Brady, who was a third-stringer at the start of the season. He had the unselfish support of star quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who was injured early in the season.

And Bill Belichick, once a failing coach of the Cleveland Browns, recycled himself with a warm and winning style as the Patriots coach.

After Sept. 11, this Super Bowl was both an uplifting national celebration and a lesson in the power of humility and community.

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