So there was Deke Primo, on a train trip from Edinburgh, Scotland, to London, when he developed a hunger for some curry. Alas, after standing fruitlessly in the buffet line, he learned there not only was none aboard, but also that the galley had run out of food, period. But, hey, that's why they make cellphones. Primo got on his and called ahead to a Middle Eastern restaurant in Peterborough, about 50 miles from his destination. When the train pulled into the next stop, two takeout orders of piping hot tikka masala were waiting - one for him and one for his daughter, who was with him.


Ever bought a Swiss Army knife at an airport gift shop? Well, you can't anymore at many terminals. Sales of the distinctive red-paneled tool have slumped since the plane hijackings of Sept. 11. Depending on how much you pay, the product can include a bottle opener, scissors, saw, file, altimeter, and ball-point pen. But according to reports, what it may no longer have, as its manufacturer considers ways to pump up sales again, is ... a blade.

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