"I got this call from the police superintendent: 'I need you to get your cat off the roof so my men can go back to work,'" Bill Frazer said. But the Pickering, Ontario, professional entertainer wasn't talking about just any feline. No, this was his pet Siberian tiger, with whom he performs at corporate functions, fundraisers, and other events. The 500-pound animal slipped her tether and went for a romp around town, winding up atop a police cruiser while two cops huddled inside. No harm done, except to Frazer's pride. "I can't believe I let this happen," he groaned.


In Devon, England, police were invited to a local high school to lecture on drug use and its penalties. As a visual aid, the cops brought along a trained sniffer dog. It wasn't long before the animal caught four teenage male students who'd been smoking, or at least carrying, marijuana. No, Prince Harry wasn't one of them.

'Les Miz' this week is due to become all-time No. 2 show

The countdown is on. With its 6,138th performance Friday night, "Les Miserables" will storm the barricades around "A Chorus Line" to become the second-longest-running show in Broadway history. But it will take Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert another three years to catch first-place "Cats." Broadway's 10 longest-running shows, with their inclusive dates and number of performances:

1. "Cats" 1982-2000 (7,485)

2. "Les Miserables" 1987- (6,138 as of Jan. 25)

3. "A Chorus Line" 1975-90 (6,137)

4. "Oh! Calcutta" 1976-89 (5,962)

5. "The Phantom of the Opera" 1988- (5,841 as of Jan. 25)

6. "Miss Saigon" 1991-2001 (4,095)

7. "42nd Street" 1980-89 (3,486)

8. "Grease" 1972-80 (3,388)

9. "Fiddler on the Roof" 1964-72 (3,242)

10. "Life with Father" 1939-47 (3,224)

- Associated Press

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