Round is all around you

Ever notice how many circles you eat, play with, ride on, or listen to every day? Can you identify these sliced-up circles?

(Answers on below.)

1. You know what this is, but did you know that it was thought to be 'peasant food' until Italy's King Umberto I and Queen Margherita feasted on one in 1889?

2. Even the humblest can become a king, as this 800-year-old pastime still proves. It's called 'draughts' (pronounced 'drafts') in Europe.

3. If you wanted to be politically correct, you might call this object a 'human being concavity concealer.' But that would be silly.

4. They were used purely as decoration for thousands of years, until someone in 13th-century Europe matched one with a slit – and a revolutionary clothing fastener was born.

5. This early 1900s invention allowed patrons to enjoy soda-fountain treats at home. Decades later, it got a convenient new twist.

6. In the Yankee Northeast, as late as the early 1900s, this was still known as a 'shilling' by some.

7. From the time they first appeared, in 1948, until they began to vanish in the 1980s, they made 'groovy' music.

8. The inspiration for it was an aerodynamic pie plate in the 1920s. It became a soaring sensation in the 1960s.

9. If it weren't for these, the rubber would have a very difficult time meeting the road.

10. Almost every culture has a version of what is a breakfast treat in the United States, served with lots of condensed tree sap.

11. The Shakers, a religious sect, get the credit for coming up with this innovation in 1810.

12. Early versions of this machine had only one indicator. It took 400 years - until the 1700s - to add a second one.

13. Ninety years and 362 billion units later, no one can say for sure how this got its name.

14. If you have one of these, please give it to Polly. She's been asking for them.


(1) Pizza; (2) checker; (3) manhole cover; (4) button; (5) bottle cap (twist-off ones appeared in the 1960s); (6) quarter-dollar coin; (7) LP (long-playing) record; (8) Frisbee; (9) car wheel; (10) pancake; (11) circular saw blade; (12) clock; (13) Oreo cookie; (14) cracker.

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