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What: Three websites offer a closer look at the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Best points: To hear Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech (and famous speeches by others as well), log on to the History Channel's site: http://www.historychannel.com.

And for the visual component to his speech, check out LIFE magazine's gallery of photos of Dr. King at http://www.lifemag.com/Life/mlk/ mlkpics.html. Other notable images include his arrest in 1958 for "loitering" in Montgomery, Ala., and his wife and children disembarking from a plane bringing his body home for burial in Atlanta in 1968.

MLK fans are also invited to "Follow His Footsteps" at the Miami Herald's online tour of cities touched by his life: http://www.herald.com/herald/ content/archive/extra/king/king.htm. In all, the site says, King traveled more than 6 million miles, and he spoke publicly on more than 2,500 occasions about social and racial issues. This site documents the many places that today are dedicated to his memory, and to educating new generations about the struggle for civil rights.

what you should know: The History Channel site requires RealPlayer to hear the audio clips.

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