In Pretoria, South Africa, a motorist is in huge trouble just for trying to get help changing a flat tire. The scene: after midnight, with his Toyota off to the side of the road and little, if any, passing traffic. So when along came a car, the unidentified driver decided he'd better use his most effective means of flagging it down. Unhappily, he chose a handgun, firing a shot in the general direction of what turned out to be a police cruiser. Bad move. The cops radioed for backup, confiscated the pistol, and arrested him for attempted murder. And, at last report, the tire still hadn't been fixed.

Top New Years' resolutions: Enjoy life, friends, and family

In another sign of shifting priorities post-Sept. 11, a survey of New Years' resolutions suggests that people are focused on improving their social, as well as physical, well being. This year the perennial favorites - diet and exercise - ranked below vows such as enjoying life and improving relationships. The top pledges, according to a poll sponsored by General Nutrition Centers, are:

1. Enjoy life more

2. Spend more time with friends and family

3. Eat healthily

4. Improve relationships

5. Exercise

6. Manage finances better

7. Manage stress better/Show more patriotism

9. Lose weight

10. Quit a bad habit (such as smoking)

- PRNewswire

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