Young poets share their winning words

Back in October, we invited "Kidspace" readers to submit poems for our sixth annual young people's poetry contest. We were hoping you would flood us with poems again - and you did. We received 1,800 in all. We were delighted.

Entries came from all over the United States, and a few from Great Britain and Canada. The poems were reviewed by three judges: Diana Der-Hovanessian, president of the New England Poetry Club; Maria Mazziotti Gillan, director of the Poetry Center in Paterson, N.J., and Elizabeth Lund, the Monitor's poetry editor.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

And to those of you who provided a stamped, self-addressed envelope: We'll be sending out your "I'm a poet" buttons next month.


What is the ocean?

A cycle, a force.

A routine of waves moving in and out.

A landscape with no explanation,

changing its mind from day to day.

I too change like currents,

shallow and deep at the same time.

Dark and gloomy on some days,

bright and joyful on others.

There is an ocean inside me.

And in you?

Danielle See

Grade 7

Stoneham, Mass.

In my front yard

I'm going to plant flowers

To make the world beautiful.

Michael Chau

Grade 1

Lincoln, R.I.


how they move

one quick step

at a time

FLASH! FLASH! flash.

they unfold and

dance in

the strangest

step way

frail paper bodies

like lanterns

carefully glued

piece by piece

until nothing

falls or

breaks but


hard against

the sweetest cloth


one would think

they move, pause, move

like a telegraph (STOP)

black-bugged urgency

dot dash

it tries but

no one sees -

understands its

solitary dance.

L.R. Hall

Grade 9

Lexington, Ky.

The cars were glimmering

The sky

deep purple

with streaks of

red, white, and blue

The cars

all seemed

to turn like the sky

No matter what color

they were



big splash



in the



Nikke Jan Ault

Grade 8

Valparaiso, In.

I look back

at you staring.

I have no eyes but

I see you.

Can you guess

who I am?

Why do you put on

so much makeup?

Why do you keep

staring at me?

If you look at me

one more time

I will crack.

Helen Tisserant

Grade 6

Cambridge, Mass.

Tears of red, white, and blue

Brave firefighters

Hero's hands

Dusty rubble


Let them out.


Of heroes long past,

Don't give up.

We will fight.

We will win.

God bless America.

The song of the USA

Is the sound

That brings us together.

When things look hopeless

We find light from

The Red

The White


The Blue.


Let them out.

Mason Popp

Grade 6

Phoenix, Ariz.

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