In 2002, kids want peace - and powers

From peace in Afghanistan to an armistice in sibling battles, children's hopes for 2002 run the gamut from epic to episodic. In last month's survey of 400 children from 25 countries on, the leading wish was for peace on earth, drawing 28 percent of kids' dreams. "Coming from England," wrote 13-year-old Sarah Lee, "there has been loads of fighting going on in Northern Ireland. I wish for Christmas they would make peace for the sake of the kids."

Still reeling from "Harry Potter," nearly a quarter of the muggles longed for magic powers or illustrious new careers as world royalty. Athena, a 10-year-old from the US, set her hopes high with the compound wish "That you could drive no matter how old you are. And that cars can fly."

One-fifth of the children hoped for specific toys - video games and pets were especially popular - and another 20 percent wished they could care for others by housing the homeless, clearing the air of pollution, or ending poverty.

Despite children's moans and groans about school, only 3 percent said they'd use their wish to avoid attending class entirely.

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