Prospects of Colin Powell for vice-president

Regarding "Colin Powell for veep? Yes, with arm-twisting" (Dec. 18. Opinion): What a feeling of relief would sweep the country if Mr. Powell were to run for vice president next time around. Just the prospects of having him as a candidate would lead many different types of minority members to feel a sense of pride. While I am in the WASP minority in California, the idea of having Mr. Powell in a more prominent role would lead me to a sense of relief at the potential choice of having someone of his stature there to offset the machinations of some of the others found in our governmental system.

Ed Dibble

Lakemont, Ga.

I was deeply disturbed by the claim made in the piece on Colin Powell's possible run for the vice-presidency, where it was implied that African-Americans will vote Republican if Mr. Powell runs. This baseless assertion is reminiscent of what happens when some folks think a black jury cannot find a black accused guilty. African-Americans think with their minds not with color. They will not suddenly vote Republican because Powell might be the candidate.

Ky Sampong


Forming a Department of Peace

With the reminder of Christmas about us, where is the push to move ahead on the House of Representatives Resolution H.R. 2459 for creation of a Department of Peace? It behooves all of good will to get on the ball and do something toward its enactment. With such an increase in violence worldwide the proper time to get this project up front is now. Conflict resolution at both domestic and international levels is the goal. We should work toward this Department of Peace, and establish the refrain of "On earth peace, good will toward men".

Tadeo Zywicki

McAllen, Texas

'Lord of the Rings'

The story " 'Rings' on screen is big, ambitious, and not so magic" (Dec. 19) is far from what should be written about the movie 'Lord of the Rings'. It had great special effects as is mentioned, but then Dave Sterritt chastises the director for following in the footsteps of the author? I can't believe a director can be faulted for being faithful to a story so fantastic. I could mention improvements, but in no stretch should this adaptation of a masterpiece be called anything less than brilliant.

Chris Brunt

Fresno, Calif.

Digital camera quality

Regarding "Digital cameras: don't make a snap decision" (Dec. 17, W&M): I beg to differ with the point about the disadvantage of digital cameras in the archival properties of the printouts. If the user does some research before purchasing a printer and uses paper that's designed to last, the prints will last as long or longer than prints made at a photo lab. There is also more control over what is printed. I would agree that printing and cataloging software needs to be improved.

Dave Wesely

Pocatello, Idaho

Christmas came anyway

Osama bin Laden's design could be titled, "How fear stole the freedom of the American people" and should end as Dr. Seuss', "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Let's not be dismayed at the antics of evil. It has been said that the purpose of evil is to paralyze the activity of good. Each individual needs to have faith in good and not be overwhelmed by the events of Sept. 11. We should rejoice that our freedoms are of the heart and mind and that they can't be taken from us, ever, unless, we give our consent. Maybe the influence of this faith can help to inspire others.

Dorothy Gordon

Livermore, Calif.

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