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Backyard blowhard

The big-house boom of the 1990s has left many wealthy Americans with backyards the size of a small golf course. For do-it-yourselfers faced with autumn's final fallings, leaving no leaf unblown can be a tiresome time commitment.

Toolmaker Makita has engineered a partial solution: a cordless blower that can scatter leaves, clear a flower bed, or empty the bed of a truck with a 180 m.p.h. blast. (Resist the temptation to blow-dry the family dog.)

Makita's battery-operated blower weighs about five pounds and runs for up to 15 minutes on a one-hour charge. Batteries, and a charger that works with most Makita tools, are sold separately, for about $60 to $90.

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Suggested price: $140 to $170

A one-minute tree

There are those who travel two hours to a remote corner of the woods to fell their own Christmas tree, and there are those who annually drag a bulky man-made evergreen down from the attic.

For the latter, high-end gizmomaker Hammacher Schlemmer has a more easily stored option. Its Collapsible Tree can be erected in less than a minute. The tree's more than 1,000 branch tips are connected to a central coil, which can be raised and secured to the top of the 6 1/2 ft. pole. It all packs away into a box about 2 ft. wide.

Unlike most synthetic alternatives, Hammacher's offering comes pre-lit, with 300 white or multicolored bulbs.

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Suggested price: $200

The wheel, reinvented

Solid rubber tires roll, but offer a stiff ride. Inflated tires can go flat. In between: "carefree" tires, made for lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, and other maintenance machines.

Their spongy interior construction lets them absorb shock while staying round, no matter what you run over.

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Suggested price: Varies by retailer

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