Paul McCartney has one. So do the rest of the surviving Beatles. Ditto Elton John. But not Mick Jagger. And that clearly bothers him. What does? The fact that he has yet to be awarded any of his native Britain's royal honors. Unlike the others, the legendary Rolling Stones star still hasn't been knighted or presented with the Order of the British Empire. Journalists who have had an advance look at a TV documentary on Jagger report that it contains a mock conversation with himself in which he says: "Is it true that you haven't got anything at all? That's rather odd, isn't it?" The program is scheduled to be broadcast Thursday.


Their counterterrorism mission notwithstanding, the US armed forces are riddled with overweight personnel, an obesity expert claims. University of Wisconsin medicine Prof. Richard Atkinson cites a study showing excess poundage on almost 59 of every 100 servicemen. Ah, but among women in uniform, only 26 percent fall into that category.

Poll rates US leaders, media on dealing with terrorism

Almost 9 out of 10 Americans approve of how President Bush and Secretary of State Powell are handling their roles in the counterterrorism war, according to a new national Gallup poll conducted Nov. 8-11. About 54 percent of Americans, however, said they're unhappy with the news media's approach to covering the subject. The percentage of respondents who approve of how the following have handled their jobs, according to Gallup (with an error rate of plus or minus 5 percentage points):

President Bush 89%

Secretary of State Powell 87

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld 80

Attorney General Ashcroft 77

Congress 77

US Postal Service 77

Vice President Cheney 75

Centers for Disease Control 71

Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge 60

News media 43

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