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I want my MP3

Even Wagner would have likely tired after 10 hours of continuous music. But for those reluctant to leave behind even one tune on their CD rack, Apple's new portable MP3 player eases the anguish.

The 6.5-ounce iPod can hold up to 1,000 digital music files - downloadable in less than 10 minutes.

Whence the power? The iPod's FireWire port, according to Apple, downloads 30 times faster than a standard cable connected to the computer. One caveat: Music can be downloaded only from Apple computers.

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Suggested price: $400

Appliance watchdog

Remember when the national energy crisis led the news? Americans were asked to conserve power and upgrade to more efficient appliances. Energy is no longer at the top of the nation's political agenda, but power conservation never goes out of style.

Those looking to get a more detailed picture of energy use in the home can now measure the efficiency of individual appliances.

Plug an appliance into the KILL A WATT from P3International, and then plug the device into the standard wall socket. The device can measure the amount of current used by an appliance each day, week, month, or year.

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Suggested price: $50

Tire pressure at a glance

Short of a tire going flat, it is not easy to detect air-pressure problems by taking a look underneath your car.

The Safety Pressure Indicator from TIRECHECK removes some of the guesswork.

Attach the lipstick-size devices to each tire's air valve and leave them on. Colored caps will pop out of the other end. A green cap indicates it's safe to drive; yellow means it needs a little air; red - don't drive.

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Suggested price: $11 for a set of four

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