McGwire retires

Mark McGwire said he won't be like Michael Jordan and come out of retirement. In his first interview since retiring from the St. Louis Cardinals Sunday, McGwire told ESPN that his mind is made up.

"Michael Jordan can control the game," McGwire said Tuesday. 'Give me the ball, I'll do what I want with it.' When you're a power hitter, you're not in control of anything."

McGwire was the single-season home run king for three seasons after hitting 70 in 1998, waging a season-long race with Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs.

In his career, McGwire hit 583 home runs, 17 short of becoming only the fourth player in major league history to hit 600. Although he said his 400th and 500th homers were special, he doesn't want to chase numbers for numbers' sake. "I am not going to stick around the game to climb up the ladder," McGwire said. "I've never been like that, I never will be like that."

College hoops poll

Top 25 college basketball teams as ranked by The Associated Press

1. Duke (0-0)

2. Maryland (1-1)

3. Illinois (0-0)

4. Kentucky (0-0)

5. UCLA (0-0)

6. Florida (1-1)

7. Kansas (0-0)

8. Missouri (2-0)

9. Iowa (2-0)

10. St. Joseph's (0-0)

11. Virginia (0-0)

12. Memphis (2-0)

13. Stanford (0-0)

14. Georgetown (0-0)

15. Michigan State (2-0)

16. Temple (0-2)

17. Boston College (0-0)

18. Oklahoma State (0-0)

19. North Carolina (0-0)

20. Southern California

21. Syracuse (2-0)

22. Indiana (0-0)

23. Texas (0-0)

24. Alabama (2-0)

25. Oklahoma (1-1)

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