Test-taking tips

Record numbers of college-bound seniors readied their No. 2 pencils for the SAT and ACT in 2001; the numbers of graduate school applicants taking the computerized GRE also rose. The 2002 tests are expected to draw the highest numbers yet; Sylvan Learning Center offers 10 tips for these test takers:

1. Don't waste time reading the instructions on the day of the test; you should be familiar with them already.

2. Focus on the content of the test, not the frequency of the answer letters.

3. Never spend too much time on any single question.

4. Work at a good pace, but don't rush. Keep track of the time remaining for each section.

5. If you are unsure of how to answer a question, circle it and come back to it if time permits.

6. Trust your instincts on the easy questions. Never leave an easy question blank.

7. Use the process of elimination. If you spend time on a problem and eliminate 2 answers, make an educated guess.

8. Read the questions and answers thoughtfully and critically.

9. Use any extra time to revisit questions that you circled in the section.

10. Check, after every few questions, to make sure the question number on the answer sheet corresponds with the one you're answering in the booklet.

Source: Sylvan Learning Center

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