Web Smarts

WHAT: A site designed to help teachers use art in their classrooms, and to help students browse, create, and get excited about art.

BEST POINTS: The site includes an interactive "Playground" section for students, with links that allow kids of all ages to "Make It," "Find It," "Watch and Listen," and "Explore It"; a "For your Classroom" activities archive for teachers; an "Art Gallery" of searchable and downloadable images; and a "Library and Archives" catalog of video and audio recordings about specific pieces of art.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: ArtsConnectEd is the product of a partnership between The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center (the first public art gallery in the upper Midwest,) and MCI. The goal of the ArtsConnectEd website is to make arts education interactive and relevant for teachers, parents, and students by linking them to the two museums' permanent collections, libraries, archives, curriculum materials, and other resources. The Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning is also a major funder of the project.

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