Young poets, show us your stuff

It's time for the Monitor's sixth annual student-poetry contest! Send us as many as three poems - you choose the subject. Remember to keep the focus of your poem narrow and your descriptions specific. (Look at some of last year's winners, printed below.)

Students in kindergarten through high school are eligible. Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 30. If you'd like to get a free 'I'm a poet' button, be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped (56 cents) envelope with your entry. We'll publish the winning poems in December. For more information, including a color poster you can download and print out, go to

My heart divided

Dreading it all day

only once in a lifetime

Is it my birth mom?

Do I look like her?

Is she tall, skinny, short, pretty?

I am so anxious

People playing drums

firecrackers all night long

buildings all lit up

She is so pretty

I wish I could've had more time

even though it was pouring

I feel so lucky

related to someone alive

What about my birth dad?

I am still BEAMING!

Never will forget that day

My heart divided

Rae Reilly

Ode to my big black boots


hip to hip

struttin' it

down the hallway




short skirt

tube top

big black boots

Alissa McCue


Quick and sly

very shy ...

but never far behind!

Kyle Baldwin

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