"It was a terribly embarrassing mistake. The whole point ... is lost," the unhappy Philatelic Bureau official said, in announcing an official investigation. Goodness, what happened? Well, a proofreader responsible for catching printing errors on Sri Lanka's postage stamps missed a small but egregious typo on a new issue, which already is in full distribution. The stamp, honoring one of the nation's oldest and proudest Buddhist societies, reads 2544 BC (Before Christ). Problem is, it should say "BE" - for Buddhist Era. This means the stamp is 4,545 years out of date.


That noise you make when you find something hilarious: New research indicates it probably fits one of three broad classes - a giggle, snort, or grunt, depending on your gender. A report in Britain's weekly New Scientist, and based on an acoustical analysis of 1,000 recorded bursts of merriment, says females tend to produce song-like sounds. By process of elimination, you can guess who the grunters are.

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