Mike's Timely Rebound

Michael Jordan's return to pro basketball isn't the big story it might have been. The big story remains the tragic events of Sept. 11 and the response of America and its allies.

The retired superstar returns to the game he loves at a time when sports-hero worship has given way to the heroism of those who have helped save lives, often sacrificing their own.

To his credit, Mr. Jordan will donate his initial $1 million salary with the Washington Wizards to relief funds for victims of the terrorist attacks.

He also refused interviews after making his announcement. This appropriately low-key beginning for the long-anticipated Jordan comeback will, we're confident, give way to some high-flying basketball as the NBA's season gets under way about a month from now.

Will the famous moves still be there? Will he show the league's young stars a few things about wily play and joy in the game?

At a somber time, Jordan's return will offer some welcome diversion, aiding a return to normalcy.

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