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What: This portion of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website offers specific resources for coping with last week's tragedy.

Included is advice for teachers and parents who are helping children deal with their emotions in the wake of the terrorist attacks, available not only in English, but in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and other languages. There is also a link to guidelines for planning memorial activities at schools.

Links are included for sites that address everything from trauma recovery to school security.

BEST POINTS: In looking forward, many schools are determined to emphasize the importance of respecting people of different religions or ethnic backgrounds. The link titled "Promoting Tolerance and Peace in Children" provides recommendations for examining stereotypes, as well as talking with children about such topics as the difference between vengeance and justice and how it would feel to be blamed unfairly.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: NASP represents more than 22,000 school psychologists and related professionals.

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