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Some games will go on

More than three-dozen college football games were postponed because of terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. But a number of schools will be back on the field - including the entire Southeastern Conference.

The SEC said Wednesday it decided to go forward with its games Saturday "to bring our people together." The conference will donate $1 million from weekend receipts and TV fees to help victims of the attacks.

"We just feel very strongly that this was the appropriate decision to make," SEC commissioner Roy Kramer said.

A November classic?

Major League Baseball may play its first World Series games in November as result of the terrorist attacks that disrupted the schedule.

Games through Thursday were called off, raising the total to 45. As of Thursday morning, there was no decision on this weekend's series.

There's a good chance the regular season will be extended beyond its scheduled finish on Sept. 30 to make up the postponed games.

That would lead to the possibility of the October classic producing its first Mr. November. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig wasn't sure when play would resume. "What I'm trying desperately to do here is be as sensitive as I can and do what's right for the country," he said.

NFL May cancel games

Although player representatives of all 31 teams unanimously opposed playing NFL games this weekend, Paul Tagliabue, the league's commissioner, remained undecided Wednesday. The NFL may even shift its Sunday games from afternoon to night to allow football fans to attend church and participate in memorial services. But if Tagliabue needed more input, he could listen to Atlanta Falcon coach Dan Reeves:

"It's hard to think about football when you've got prayer thoughts, people that you love and care for, children, it's tough."

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