New NFL stadiums bring high prices

The average price of admission to a pro football

game crossed the $50 line for the first time. With the National Football League's regular season now under way, fans are paying an average of $53.64 per ticket, an increase of 8.7 percent from last season, according to Team Marketing Report in Chicago.

Two teams that moved into new stadiums this year jacked up ticket prices the most: Fans at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver saw prices jump by more than $30 per ticket this year. The Pittsburgh Steelers, now playing at Heinz Field, charge an average of $62 per ticket, a 52 percent increase from last season.

Where NFL tickets are most and least expensive:

Most expensive

Team Average price

Washington $81.89

Denver 77.41

Jacksonville 62.85

Pittsburgh 62.03

Tennessee 60.94

Least expensive

Arizona $37.60

Detroit 39.05

Atlanta 39.14

Chicago 42.70

Seattle 44.97

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