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One of the first US manufacturers of those popular sidewalk scooters has come out with a redux of an American classic: the pogo stick.

Razor's Airgo pogo parallels the basic size and shape of the original 1919 design, but with some 21st-century tweaks.

The Airgo is air-powered, to enable quiet jumping. Adjustable air pressure accommodates users of different weights, and the handlebars can be raised and lowered for jumpers short and tall.

Like the modern scooter, it can be folded to fit in a large briefcase. (Pull it out and play if the boss gets you hopping mad.)

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Suggested price: $80

Digital frying

It has been said that cooking is the most ancient of arts. Pal Products' latest innovation does much to recast the craft in modern hues.

The Smart Pan Digital Skillet contains an LCD screen that contains a menu of fryable food items. Select one, and the screen displays the correct temperature for cooking. The skillet beeps and flashes when the pan's surface is ready for use.

The Smart Pan comes with a digital cookbook containing more than 100 recipes.

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Suggested price: $99.95

Evian-to-go for Fido?

The dog days of summer may have passed, but that won't stop the dog from panting or being thirsty.

No doubt Fido will remain faithful if you supply the pooch with bottled water.

Starplast's "self-filling" bowl is the latest in water dispensers for dogs. It contains a ridged nozzle that holds most standard-sized water bottles. The water flows from an upside-down bottle into the bowl, which replenishes as the dog drinks.

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Suggested price: $3

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