It's not as though David Devlin didn't already know what British Prime Minister Tony Blair looks like. But the Glasgow, Scotland, resident got a bit of reinforcement when he picked up his snapshots from a vacation on the island of Corfu. Instead, the developer handed him an envelope of prints of Blair and his family relaxing in Italy's Tuscany region a year ago. No word on how the mixup happened, but Devlin returned the prints, for which Blair's office said thanks.


In Halberstadt, Germany, all is set for the world's longest performance of a piece of music. It will be an adaptation of composer John Cage's "Organ2/ ASLSP." The work lasts

just 20 minutes at regular tempo. But ASLSP is an acronym for "as slow as possible." So plans call for it to be played one chord at a time at 1-1/2-year intervals, taking 639 years to finish.

Who's who in the ranks of wealthiest young Americans

Some of their assets have lost value over the past year because of the business downturn, but 40 Americans under 40 are worth at least $160 million, according to the annual ranking of the nation's wealthiest young people by Fortune magazine. What's more, most of their wealth was derived from the Internet or technology. The 10 wealthiest Americans under 40 and the value of their estates (in billions unless otherwise noted), from Fortune's Sept. 10 issue:

1. Michael Dell, Dell Computer $16.3

2. Pierre Omidyar, eBay 4.39

3. Jeff Skoll, eBay 2.63

4. Ted Waitt, Gateway Computer 1.87

5. Jeff Bezos, 1.23

6. Vinny Smith, Quest Software 780 million

7. David Filo, Yahoo! 730 million

8. Jerry Yang, Yahoo! 721 million

9. Rob Glaser, RealNetworks 635 million

10. Dan Snyder, owner, Washington Redskins 604 million

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