In Malaysia, where illegal immigration is a serious problem and not producing an ID card when police ask to see it is a crime, Fauzi Hamid was hauled into court to prove his citizenship. And because the cops and the judge didn't believe his story - that he'd lost the card - the burden was on him to prove he's Malaysian. But how? Solution: make him sing the national anthem. Fauzi took a deep breath ... and launched into it so convincingly that Her Honor cut him off after only four lines. She did not, however, cut him a break on jail time: three days, in lieu of an $8 fine for the offense.


A lengthy investigation by police in Italy finally resulted in the arrest of a counterfeit suspect, news reports said. And, because the cops had come to so admire his talent - and because he's a genial sort of fellow - they decided it would be fun to do lunch together. Yes, they all had pizza. What's more, the cops treated - but with real cash.

Comforts of home: College students take them along

For the vast majority of college students, spartan dorm rooms appear to be long gone. According to a study of 3,000 US students by 360 College Explorer Outlook and Harris Interactive, most now equip their rooms with at least a computer and TV. Popular dorm-room items, and the percentage of students who own them, according to the survey:

1. Refrigerator 98%

2. Microwave 95%

3. Computer 87%

4. Television set 84%

5. VCR/DVD player 79%

6. Stereo 79%

7. Printer 75%

8. Answering machine 60%

9. Video game system 52%

- PR Newswirep24s3

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