Mathius Salempang was winding up a visit to the famous Tanah Abang merchandise mart in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, earlier this week when he realized someone had stolen his wallet. So why is that news? Well, because Salempang happens to be the city's police commissioner and he had been escorting a senior government security official on a walking tour of the market, which is notorious for its pickpockets. Oh, and he was in full dress uniform at the time.


If you're female and have been wanting an Absolutely Fabulous dress by a famous French designer, two of them are to be auctioned off for charity Monday on eBay, the Internet site. And before you assume there's no way you could afford one, be advised that the bidding opens at just one franc (about 14 cents). And what is it that makes the dresses "Absolutely Fabulous?" They were worn by actresses in the popular British/French comedy film of the same name.

For the fifth straight year, US travelers said Australia would be their No. 1 vacation destination if cost weren't an issue, according to results of a new Harris Interactive poll. Second choice: Italy. Most respondents picked countries in Europe (44 percent), followed by the Asia/ Pacific region (22 percent) and the Caribbean (17 percent). Britain, despite a drop in tourism because of last spring's foot-and-mouth disease epidemic, rose from No. 4 a year ago to third place. Americans' top vacation picks if cost weren't an issue, according to the Harris poll:

1. Australia

2. Italy

3. Great Britain (England, Scot- land, or Wales)

4. France

5. Germany

6. Ireland

7. Jamaica

8. Switzerland

9. Canada

10. Japan

- PR Newswire

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