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What: The Geography Network provides access to both governmental and commercial data.

Best Points: The voluminous amount of information - including live maps and downloadable data - makes this site a useful resource. An interactive map of the globe allows users to find any city they want. Utilizing several maps, they can, for instance, investigate areas of agricultural cultivation, views of Sydney, Australia, or even locations of the world's mineral deposits.

Another useful feature incorporates ESRI, a powerful mapping engine that can pinpoint the location of an address. By entering the starting point, anticipated stops, and destination, this program can determine the length and time required for a journey. It also provides a set of written directions, highlighting what roads and turns to take.

What You Need To Know: This network allows users all over the world to get information from several map and data services. One drawback is the lengthy loading time for the map displays. You should also tread carefully when using the Geography Network's links, as navigating can be quite confusing.

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