Where to grow a business: one view

California's latest gold rush may have ebbed, but parts of the West are still kind to prospectors.

The Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) just released its sixth annual Small Business Survival Index, ranking states according to how favorable their climates appear to be for start-up firms.

The index examines 17 government-imposed or government-related costs affecting small businesses. It looks at a broad range of businesses and weighs state policies on such issues as capital gains, corporate income, health insurance, taxes, electricity, and workers' compensation costs.

The 10 states friendliest to entrepreneurs:

1. Nevada 6. Texas

2. South Dakota 7. New Hampshire

3. Washington 8. Alabama

4. Wyoming 9. Mississippi

5. Florida 10. Tennessee

The 10 states least friendly to entrepreneurs:

1. Rhode Island 6. New Mexico

2. Hawaii 7. California

3. Maine 8. New York

4. Kansas 9. Vermont

5. Minnesota 10. West Virginia

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