C'mon, be honest

One out of 3 Britons lies on his or her job applications, a survey by pollster MORI found. The fibs vary from relatively harmless claims about leisure activities to more serious ones, such as career histories and whether applicants have criminal records. Why do they lie? About 18 percent said they "exaggerated" because they thought employers expected them to. Many get away with it: A third of managers polled said they relied on gut instinct rather than background checks.

what are these doing here?

A homeless man in Jersey City, N.J., found an unexpected jackpot in an alley trashcan: $100,000 worth of uncashed checks, including payments from Mayor Glenn Cunningham to his campaign staff. Johnny Lee turned the checks over to a local minister, who helped get them to police. Cunningham, who recently took office, said his staff members gave the checks to a delivery service, and they were stolen later from the carrier. Cunningham plans to reward Lee for his honesty. "He deserves it," the mayor said.


Survey: Americans prefer to eat out in the summer

Almost half of Americans chose summer as the best season for dining out in a recent poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation. Its survey also found that when Americans do eat out, only 1 in 10 orders dessert "all or most" of the time, while about 45 percent "rarely" do. Their favorite desserts? Most usually opt for ice cream (64 percent), followed by Italian ice (15 percent). Home-cooked meals are also still popular. Americans spend an average of four to five nights a week eating at home, the survey found, and about 26 percent said they or other family members cook every night. How Americans ranked the best seasons for dining out, according to Opinion Research Corporation:

Summer 47%

Winter 17%

Spring 8%

Fall 4%

- PR Newswire

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