Sprayed pot seldom boils over

Most people have picked up a few household hints from their moms or grandmothers - tips on removing vegetable stains with a raw potato or polishing silver with toothpaste.

So when Stouffer's "Sensational Time-Saving Tips" contest asked for time-saving tips, 4,000 responses poured in. Here are some of Americans' favorite ways to save time in the kitchen:

• Instead of standing at the griddle to cook pancakes, spread the batter onto a greased jellyroll pan and bake for 15 minutes. Cut the pancakes into 4-inch squares.

• Garlic skins slip off after you microwave the cloves for 12 seconds.

• If you spray oil around the top of a pot before adding the water, it is less likely to boil over.

• Wipe your cheese grater with salad oil before grating. This makes the grater easier to clean and the cheese less likely to stick to it. You can also put cheese in the freezer for 15 minutes; it's much easier to grate when it comes out.

• When using an electric mixer, cut a hole in a paper plate and put the beaters through it. This prevents splatters.

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