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A game with two winners

It just seemed natural that - even on his wedding day - high school football coach Buddy Duke would be on the field. He and fiancee Carrie Steed recently exchanged vows near the end zone at Laurel High School in Mississippi - as football players, cheerleaders, family, and friends celebrated with them. Duke wore his coach's T-shirt and shorts and carried the same towel he totes on the sidelines during games. Steed wore a sundress. "I've already won this one," Coach Duke said before the ceremony.

Don't forget your wallet

A suspect in a string of Mississippi bank heists left investigators a pretty big clue after he allegedly robbed a bank - his driver's license. Jayme Allen took his wallet and keys out in the process of obtaining a money order, when, suddenly, he pulled out a gun and threatened tellers, authorities said. In a hasty departure with a stolen $18,000, he left his car keys and handgun, as well as his wallet with driver's license inside. Allen was arrested after tellers identified him from his license photo.

Death row prisoners often don't connect with homeland

Not all the inmates on death row in US prisons are Americans, but according to death-penalty watchdog groups, few foreign-borns have enjoyed timely consular aid from their governments. This help, however, is stipulated as a provision of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, which also protects Americans detained overseas. The Death Penalty Information Center reports that 97 foreigners are currently awaiting execution in US prisons. Their numbers, by countries with two or more death-row inmates:

Mexico 48

Cuba 6

Colombia 3

Germany 3

Jamaica 3

United Kingdom 3

Canada 2

El Salvador 2

Estonia 2

- Associated Press

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