Reel-world depictions of the workplace

Ever feel like you're living in a movie at the office, with quirky colleagues in supporting roles?

The Friday release of "," a highly touted documentary chronicling the rise and fall of an Internet firm (scene, below), adds to the litany of films that showcase moviegoers' fascination with the workplace setting. Some others:

Erin Brockovich (R), 2000. A lowly secretary in a law office uncovers corporate shenanigans.

Office Space (R), 1999. Faced with impending layoffs, the downtrodden cubicle set decide to mutiny in this comedy starring Jennifer Aniston.

The Hudsucker Proxy (PG), 1994. A scheming corporation promotes a mailroom employee (Tim Robbins) to chair the company.

The Secret of My Success (PG-13), 1987. Stuck in a dead-end job at his uncle's company, a worker (Michael J. Fox) poses as an executive.

9 to 5 (PG), 1980. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton battle a chauvinistic boss.

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