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Baltimore attorney Steven Snyder went online Tuesday and used his American Express card to donate a record $2.5 million to United Cerebral Palsy Associations. He told the Monitor he hopes his action will help launch a new era of "e-philanthropy" that will benefit charities everywhere. AmEx agreed to cut its 7 percent fee to 2 percent for Snyder's gift as well for others charged to its cards for UCPA over the next three years. Even so, the fee came to $50,000. But the donation also earned 2.5 million "points" that can be exchanged for free plane trips or other awards. UCPA will use the contribution to set up a website, as well as for other purposes.


Looking for work these days? If you're ready for a challenge, have an outgoing manner, and are willing to relocate, a job posting in Brighton, England, might meet your need. The successful candidate also must be "good at keeping still." Oh, the opening? It's for a circus knife-thrower's assistant.

America's most - and least - densely populated cities

The New York City region, which spans four states and 10,166 square miles, is the US's most densely populated area, according to an analysis published in Demographics Daily. In fact, four of New York's boroughs - led by Manhattan, with 54,127 people per square mile - were the most densely populated counties. That compares with 40 percent of all US counties that had fewer than 32 people per square mile. Areas with the highest and lowest densities and the number of people per square mile:


1. New York 2,076.0

2. Honolulu 1,459.8

3. Chicago 1,321.3

4. Miami-Fort Lauderdale 1,229.2

5. Philadelphia 1,042.5


1. Flagstaff, Ariz. 5.4

2. Casper, Wyo. 12.5

3. Bismark, N.D. 26.6

4. Grand Forks., N.D. 28.6

5. Yuma, Ariz. 29.0

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