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Eric and John Wilkinson have much in common. For one thing, they're brothers. For another, they belong to Ravens-worth Golf Club in Wrekenton, England, whose members say both are "as honest as the day is long." So no one doubted when they returned from a round last week claiming another similarity: Each had scored a hole-in-one on the 135-yard eighth. It's not known whether siblings have accomplished that feat before.



If you haven't heard, British Prime Minister Tony Blair now wears wire-rimmed glasses in public - a decision he reached recently after stumbling over the text of a speech. Joked Blair, in announcing the move to the London Press Club: "It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'a vision for Britain.' I see journalists in an entirely new light as well."


Women-run firms growing at record rates, magazine says

With $11 billion in annual revenues, Fidelity Investments of Boston ranks as the top business owned by a woman - associate director Abigail Johnson - according to Working Woman magazine. In its annual Working Woman 500, the publication says combined revenues for this year's companies were a record $100 billion, up almost 10 percent over last year. The top 10 this year (each with at least $1 billion in earnings in 2000):

1. Abigail Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Boston

2. Pat Moran, JM Family Enterprises, Deerfield Beach, Fla.

3. Marion Sandler, Golden West Financial, Oakland, Calif.

4. Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Carlson Companies, Minneapolis

5. Joyce Raley Teel, Raley's, West Sacramento, Calif.

6. Linda Wachner, Warnaco Group, N.Y.

7. Carol Bernick, Alberto-Culver, Melrose Park, Ill.

8. Antonia Axson Johnson, Axel Johnson Group, Stamford, Conn.

9. Martha Rivers Ingram, Ingram Industries, Nashville, Tenn.

10. Maggie Hardy Magerko, 84 Lumber, Eighty-Four, Pa.

- Business Wire

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