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"I tried to explain that they were making a terrible mistake," Shaun Hindle said. "But they just shrugged their shoulders and said it was a small detail." Who, exactly, is Shaun Hindle and what is he so concerned about? Well, he's a Hingham, England, native and a technician hired to work on the $70 million Disney movie, "Reign of Fire," which is due to be released next year. The film, a fantasy about dragons and snow-capped mountains is set in Hindle's home county, Norfolk. There's just one problem: Norfolk is England's flattest. Its highest elevation is a mere 300 feet above sea level. Said an amused county council spokesman: "If fans of the film want to come here to look for the mountains, they'll be most welcome.

Whew! What world leaders do to keep physically fit

The Associated Press surveyed the workout habits of heads of government and learned that many prefer swimming in what free time their busy schedules allow. Here's what the AP found:

US: President Bush lifts weights and jogs four times a week.

Britain: Prime Minister Tony Blair swims and plays tennis.

Russia: President Vladimir Putin swims and practices judo.

China: President Jiang Zemin swims.

Canada: Prime Minister Jean Chretien is a skier and golfer.

Egypt: President Hosni Mubarak plays squash each day.

Finland: President Tarja Halonen swims, sometimes through a hole in the ice.

Iraq: President Saddam Hussein swims.

Lebanon: President Emile Lahoud swims.

Bangladesh: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina practices yoga.

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