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CLIMBING THE WALLS: Today's story about Croat ultranationalists was challenging for the Monitor's Scott Peterson, but not particularly thrilling (this page). But then, Scott has an avocation that offers an adrenaline rush - if not for him, then for his editors. When he's not working, Scott often finds a rock to climb for a bit of exercise. Yesterday morning, he was 15 feet off the ground, hanging on a rock on the east side Sarajevo, when he called via cellphone to check on the editing of his piece. "I'm on a gorgeous ridge about 40 meters high. I can see the mountains where they held the winter Olympics in '84," said Scott with delight. His editor in Boston, picturing Scott dangling by one hand, finished the edit in record time.

SUIT UP, MISTER: For years, the Monitor's Robert Marquand has relied on a tailor in Washington, D.C. But while working on today's story (page 8), Bob found a new tailor in Hong Kong. He decided that he'd take the plunge for a new suit. He was impressed by the service. Bob had three separate fittings, and they wanted him to return for a fourth. "The first fitting was initially somewhat disappointing," says Bob. "It reminded me of the Charles Schulz line about Charlie Brown's clothes looking like they were made by Omar the Tentmaker. By the second day, it started to take shape. I was surrounded by two or three people snipping, measuring, sticking pins here and there." That was weeks ago. He's still awaiting delivery. Apparently, you can't rush sartorial perfection.

David Clark Scott World Editor


CHRYSANTHEMUM HEIR? Japan's Imperial Palace said yesterday that Princess Masako "appears" to be pregnant. The announcement set off a media frenzy (as it did before, reported on Dec. 13 and 16, 1999). The princess had a miscarriage in 1999, and officials were criticized for announcing the pregnancy too early.

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