Tiger Touting Tigger?

There's nothing Mickey Mouse about Tiger Woods's golf game. It's simply stupendous, fantastic, terrific - an achievement beyond adjectives.

But Mr. Woods's commercial endorsement contracts are reportedly about to embrace the world's most famous mouse - plus Tigger, Goofy, and all the other Disney attractions. He'll become one of the few sports figures Walt Disney Co. ever recruited to push its products.

This may be a match made in Fantasyland. Disney long ago shed its founder's avuncular image for one of sleek business acumen. Its products mix family fare with harder-edged stuff. Tiger, too, mixes a basic wholesomeness with fierce competitiveness.

And few public figures seem more an icon of our multicultural, youth-obsessed, wealth-conscious age than Woods. No wonder Disney is willing to add (substantially, no doubt) to the estimated $54 million a year the golfer already makes from product endorsements.

With that kind of income on the side, you might think Tiger would never need to hit another 350-yard drive and add to his growing list of golf laurels. But, of course, he will. That's his raison d'etre, his dream. Mickey's creator would certainly have understood that.

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