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Feeling hemmed-in these days? Would a bit more elbow room - say, 10 square miles all to yourself - improve your outlook? Then you might want to consider relocating to Loving County, Texas, the least-crowded in the state and one of the two least-populated in the US, according to the 2000 census. Population: 67. OK, it's arid, wind-swept, has only one town (Mentone), and actually lost 40 residents since the 1990 census. But that doesn't mean it has no appeal to outsiders. In fact, just three years ago a newcomer arrived and found immediate employment as deputy county clerk.


At the other extreme is Singapore. The small Southeast Asian city-state - a fashionable address because it's so affluent - has a population density of 16,607 per square mile. Still, on top of the 4.1 million folks already there, planners say it could fit another 1.5 million with a few tradeoffs ... such as no more private golf courses.

One mark of a top airline: its chocolate-chip cookies

Midwest Express and Singapore were voted the best airlines all-around by 31,500 frequent flyers in a survey conducted by Zagat, a major publisher of consumer guides. Airlines were assessed on comfort, service, and food. Milwaukee-based Midwest Express won praise for its business-class seats sold at coach prices, chocolate-chip cookies, and china dishware. Singapore, Cathay Pacific, and Japan airlines were lauded for their entertainment systems and good food. The top picks:

Domestic (economy)

1. Midwest Express

2. JetBlue

3. Alaska Airlines

4. Midway

5. National

International (economy)

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Cathay Pacific

3. JAL (Japan Airlines)

4. Virgin Atlantic

5. Swissair

- Business Wire

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