Jocks, stock pickers crowing on campus

What college's students nailed their three-pointers - and also notched a 3 percent investment gain?

The men's basketball team at Boston College won the Big East tournament in New York March 10. And a five-member team of student investors at the Chestnut Hill, Mass., school beat conference opponents in a season-long stock-market contest to win $30,000 in scholarship money.

BC's co-ed investing team created a portfolio that gained 3 percent from Oct. 26, 2000, to Feb. 15, 2001, according to the Boston-based firm Tucker Anthony, the "official investment brokerage" of the Big East conference. The Nasdaq slid 22 percent during that period.

The Top 10 finishers in the 14-team contest:


Boston College 3.0%

West Virginia -7.0

Seton Hall -18.0

Pittsburgh -18.6

Providence -19.6

Villanova -23.9

Georgetown -28.8

Virginia Tech -30.9

Rutgers -35.2

Miami -36.9

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