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Remember the Jamaican bobsled team? How about the two-man ski team from Kenya? Now, these Olympic Winter Games novelty acts have a new kindred spirit: the four-member snowshoe team representing Egypt in last weekend's Special Olympics World Winter Games at Anchorage, Alaska. Shivering all the way, the Egyptians even won medals - a bronze, seven silver, and a gold. So, if you're from Egypt, where do you train for competition in this sport? On sand, of course. "We got," admits assistant team director Abu el-Futu, "funny looks."


Call Barry Gorse superstitious, but he will not ride in, let alone buy, any car that's painted green. The Cannock, England, resident has owned five, borrowed two others, and accepted a lift in an eighth ... and been in accidents in each. All in seven years' time. "I'm not a bad driver," he insisted to London's Sun newspaper: "It's a shame; British racing green was my favorite color."

Richest of the rich athletes last year was a race-car ace

Formula One driving champion Michael Schumacher of Germany earned a record $59 million in prize money and endorsements last year, more than any other professional athlete, according to a ranking by Forbes magazine. Golfer Tiger Woods came in second, with a total income of $53 million - $9 million of which he won on the PGA tour. Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson ranked third with $48 million - almost half of it from the $20 million settlement of a conflict-of-interest lawsuit. The10 richest athletes and the amounts each earned (in millions), according to Forbes:

1. Michael Schumacher $59.0

2. Tiger Woods 53.0

3. Mike Tyson 48.0

4. Michael Jordan 37.0

5. Grant Hill 26.0

6. Dale Earnhardt 24.5

7. Shaquille O'Neal 24.0

8. Lennox Lewis 23.0

(tie) Oscar De Le Hoya 23.0

10. Kevin Garnett 21.0

- Associated Press

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