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WHAT: Site matches your investments with your specific values by screening for companies' involvement in 10 areas, including all the hot buttons for social conservatives and liberals alike: alcohol, gambling, tobacco, abortion research, nuclear power, and environmentally responsible practices.

BEST POINTS: Some people may not know they are investing in - or are poised to invest in - companies with values they oppose.

When you enter the site, first select from the list of 10 issues that concern you. Next, type the name of the mutual fund, variable annuity, or variable life investment that you want evaluated. Click on "Evaluate Now" and you'll see how much of your money is invested in companies involved with those issues. You can also complete a personal profile. The site will then steer you toward investments that appear to fit your stated values.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The site is free. It was founded by Stephen Bolt, who is also president and chief executive of Shepherd Financial Services, a family of values-based mutual funds designed for socially conservative investors.

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