I resolve to test my resolutions

A few weeks into 2001, how am I doing with my New Year's resolutions?

Resolution No. 1. Read more books. I have become lazy in this regard. By the time I finish reading newspapers and papers from the office, it is late in the evening. I will try to return to Shakespeare's plays, none of which I have read since college.

Action taken by me to date: none.

No. 2. Polish black shoes after months of putting it off.

Action taken: Polished shoes and put shoe trees in them.

No. 3. Exercise daily. As a contrast to the sedentary life of a lawyer, I enjoy walking along the streets of New York and playing basketball.

Action taken (with delight): Walking a mile-plus daily and playing basketball three times a week.

No. 4. Have apartment painted. A painting is long overdue. I dread the prospect, since I will need to dismantle my apartment and then put it back together. I am still searching for things misplaced when the floors were scraped last summer.

Action taken: none.

No. 5. Embrace technology. It is time to replace my black-and-white television with a color TV, purchase a VCR, and learn how to send e-mail.

Action taken: none. What's the rush? My present television works perfectly well, I prefer seeing movies at movie theaters, and I like writing letters on stationery.

No. 6. Purchase shaving lotion. Shaving is dull. I need a fillip at its conclusion.

Action taken: Have purchased a small bottle of shaving lotion from a store providing toiletries to the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles.

No. 7. Take photographs. I travel all over New York City for business and pleasure. In the spirit of the great French photographer Eugene Atget, who photographed Paris during a 30-year period, I want to photograph my city. This will encourage me to look at things more closely.

Action taken: Using a simple camera, I am taking pictures of street scenes, manhole covers, and other city artifacts. Results modest, but afford me pleasure.

No. 8. Be less grumpy.

Action taken to date: none.

No. 9. Write.

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