20th-century 'pack rats'

Here's just a fraction of the people and organizations whose correspondence, manuscripts, or other papers are housed at Boston University's Twentieth Century Archives.

Public affairs/social and religious movements:

Emma Goldman

The Rev. Norman Vincent Peale

Elie Wiesel

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Nuremberg Medical Trials

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Arthur Fiedler

Ella Fitzgerald

Igor Kipnis

Anna Russell

Boston Symphony Orchestra


Isaac Asimov

Bhabani Bhattacharya

Nikki Giovanni

Sue Grafton

W. Somerset Maughm

Anne Sexton


Fred Astaire

Samuel Beckett

Bette Davis

Gene Kelly

Angela Lansbury

William Saroyan

George Bernard Shaw

Orson Welles

Journalists/ publishers/ commentators:

Craig Claiborne

Alistair Cooke

Frances Fitzgerald

John Gould

Al Hirshberg

Flora Lewis

Dan Rather

Gail Sheehy

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