My dad the gadget man

My dad would have loved the International Housewares show (see story at right). He never met a gadget he didn't like.

A wooden press ensured that all his burgers were the same thickness. An electric cooker poached six eggs to perfection without dirtying a saucepan. His alarm clock projected large red numerals on the ceiling so he didn't have to turn over in the night to see what time it was.

Dad's closets and kitchen cabinets overflowed with products that had intrigued him for a time then were superceded by the next "toy." If you were related to him, your closets were probably also packed with gadgets, because he liked to share his latest finds.

A few turned out to be winners. One year he bought everyone large insulated pizza carriers like the delivery services have. Admittedly mine is way too big to fit into a kitchen cabinet, so I have to keep it on a closet shelf. But when I go to pick up pizza and place it inside the foil-lined container, it's always just right when I get it home.

But mostly, after my brothers and I tried the oddball items, they were consigned to garage sales. An electric hot-dog cooker caused the most comment from incredulous browsers. "What in the world is that?" everyone asked. It looked like a tiny electrified version of a medieval torture rack.

On reading about the latest gizmos at the housewares show, I'm beginning to wonder if gadget fascination might be inherited - or just rubs off.

Can someone tell me where to find a motorized mop and a pair of Scrubby Toes? I know they're just what I need to keep my kitchen floor clean and shiny.

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