Motivator blows his own (300-watt) horn

It weighs nine tons, can be heard 12 miles away, and looks like a rolling tribute to an earlier age - though its controls are the highest of high-tech.

"Big Horn" (above) was recently rolled out after a team of engineers - not to mention collectors of brass whistles, a circus calliope, a 21-bell carillon, Navy Destroyer sirens, air horns, and the like - labored for three years near Atlanta.

Its purpose? To underscore the main point of inspirational speaker and businessman Hyler Bracey (that's him on the deck). Mr. Bracey, whose artist/wife Cass Flagg helped design the mammoth device, speaks at corporations around the US. General theme: You can make big dreams come true. Big Horn, a case study in realizing a fantastic dream, is known to appear at talks from behind a big drape - and make itself heard.

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