A kids-eye view of the Super Bowl

Slightly more young football fans plan to root for the New York Giants than the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl this year, according to a poll of 7,000 kids by Playfootball.com, an NFL site for children.

Throughout the week, kids can log on to www.playfootball.com to vote for their favorite team. They can also catch commentary from the sons of Tampa Bay coach Tony Dungy: James (age 14) and Eric (age 9), who will attend pregame events, interview players, and give reports throughout the week and on game day.

Children are asked to submit questions about the Giants and Ravens for the Dungy boys to ask when they conduct interviews. For instance, one boy hopes Ray Lewis will respond to a question on how he became a football star.

Playfootball.com features Super Bowl trivia, too. Did you know that 9 of the 10 most watched TV programs of all time were Super Bowls? Or that the Super Bowl is broadcast to 182 countries?

The site offers detailed background on both teams and a section that explains to children what football terms mean. A Web column by former MVP Steve Young teaches children about good fitness.

There are also video and audio clips of previous games, as well as tips on how to be a good football player.

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