Guided by the stars - or God?

A spiritual look at issues of interest to young people

When I was in high school I used to buy magazines that had horoscopes at the very back. I remember turning to them almost immediately to find out how I would fare during the coming month. Would I have a happy or sad month? Good or bad month? Would I meet the right guy? While I don't think I ever took them very seriously, I was hooked. I had to look to see how my life was going to turn out on the basis of the stars and their movements.

Later on, in my early working years, I remember listening to the radio and hearing morning DJs tell us what color to wear according to the position of the stars. There were also predictions for various astrological signs and the overall outcome of the day according to those same stars.

As I've thought about it since, I've realized a need to take more care about what I accept into my thought, as innocent as horoscopes may seem. I know from some of the news reports and books I've read that there are many people out there who not only take astrology seriously, but make important decisions and even direct their whole lives according to it. And, unfortunately, horoscopes predict both good and bad.

So what about finding something to guide your life by that is a sure thing? Something you can count on. What about the spiritual laws of God?

The very first chapter of the Bible says that God created the earth, the heavens, all living creatures - and that He saw everything He had made and it was good. Period. No room for anything else but good. There are also lots of instances in the Bible showing God's power. How about the Israelites, for instance, getting across the Red Sea? How about when Jesus stilled the stormy winds? How about when he healed the crowds of people? All of those instances are based on tangible, fixed law. A spiritual law that applies to everything. Encompasses everything. It's the law of God, who is all good.

The Bible says that we can trust God with all our heart and not rely just on our own views about things. It says He will guide us in every step of our lives. In the book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, there's this powerful statement: "The planets have no more power over man than over his Maker, since God governs the universe; but man, reflecting God's power, has dominion over all the earth and its hosts" (pg. 102).

Sometimes I still buy magazines that have horoscopes in them, and if I'm tempted to look at them, I stop. If I believe that stars can give me a good or a bad day, I'm saying that the planets and stars control me. Yeah, maybe I do it innocently, but what about my neighbor? Am I helping other people to believe in stars or in God? Instead, I remind myself that God is in control, not only of my life, but of everyone's. And that's a law to count on.

Originally printed in The Herald of Christian Science. The Herald is published in 12 different languages. Visit for more information.

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