Web Smarts

WHAT: The Cybercitizen Partnership site helps parents and educators teach kids about ethical ways to use the Internet.

BEST POINTS: The site's home page points out that 48 percent of elementary- and middle-school children don't consider hacking a crime, according to a Scholastic poll. It offers tips and real-life illustrations of right and wrong behavior to help parents talk to children about responsible Web use. The site outlines an Internet code of ethics and lists resources and experts to contact for more information on cybercrime. There's also a computer Web glossary, current-events coverage on cyberethics and cybercrimes, and a calendar of related educational programs.

WHATt YOU NEED TO KNOW: The Cybercitizen Partnership is a joint effort by the US Department of Justice and the Information Technology Association of America Foundation. The partnership was formed to educate young people about good social behavior online and the consequences for misbehavior.

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