How to surf in silence

Web sites can track your every move online. The following tools listed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center ( can help safeguard your Internet privacy, and show you what information companies can find out.

See what they see:

Several Web sites show you what corporate techies see when they follow your online habits. Among them: and www.

Surf anonymously:

Basic software can keep your identity secret by "sitting" between your computer and any Web sites you visit. Find out more at www.the and

Cookie crushers:

Web sites place cookies, or electronic tags, on your computer to create a profile of your visiting habits. Online advertisers are increasingly using them, too. The award-winning Cookie Crusher (www.thelimitsoft. com) can stop them.

E-mail encryption:

A few companies like ZipLip (www. and Hushmail (www.hush offer services that block people other than the sender and receiver of an e-mail from reading the message.


Remailers help you evade corporate spam by giving you a generic e-mail address. Jack B. Nymble ( jbn/about.html) is just one of many available services.

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