For further exploration

Kathy Merrill and her sister Kristy Christian have taught hundreds of Bible workshops, many focusing on how to help children understand and enjoy the Bible. She highlights the following books. Only the last one is still in print, unfortunately, so check your local library or secondhand bookstores.

Jesus and His Times

(Pleasantville, N.Y., Reader's Digest, 1987)

After Jesus: The Triumph of Christianity

(Reader's Digest, 1992)

Biblical Times: A Panoramic View of the Lands and Peoples of the Scriptures

by Amanda O'Neill (Crescent Books, 1992)

Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth

by Peter Connolly (New York, P. Bedrick Books, 1987)

Everyday Life in Bible Times: Work, Worship, and War

by Margaret Embry (Nashville, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1994)

Bible Then & Now

by Jenny Roberts (MacMillan, 1996)

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